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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 601 Turning It up a Notch present cuddly
“It is possible to c.u.m inside my mouth, Su Yang,” she said to him.
Sunlight Jingjing gently sucked about the dense shaft while licking him inside with her tender mouth.
After several a matter of minutes of sucking, Direct sun light Jingjing could notice the shaft developing hotter and becoming firmer.
Sun Jingjing believed to him just before her golf hole gushed with stunning liquefied.
Soon after pondering to get a decent min, Sun Jingjing spoke inside a major voice, “To see the simple truth, I experience worried— however, not within a terrible way. Sibling Liqing… She’s the kind of woman which causes other most women actually feel second-rate. She’s not alone attractive and also features a good figure, and she has this grown up atmosphere that thinks very calming and stylish. Generally If I failed to already obtain your loved ones indicate, I would fret that she might require away from me.”
“W-Precisely what is these feelings?! Precisely what is occurring?! This is different from something I have encountered before!” Sunshine Jingjing imagined she was picturing factors at first, but right after sensation it for a little bit for a longer period, she was certain that Su Yang’s shaft had suddenly harvested greater!
Sunlight Jingjing immediately started off ingesting the overflowing Yang Qi, experiencing a very hot discomfort going decrease her throat and into her stomach.
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“I’m c.u.mming, Su Yang!”
A Magic Of Nightfall
“You can actually c.u.m inside my oral cavity, Su Yang,” she thought to him.
“Haaa… haaa…” Sunshine Jingjing panted afterward.
Slurping sounds quickly loaded the space as Su Yang savored Direct sun light Jingjing’s moistened heaven.
“Ahhh!” Sun Jingjing’s eyeballs rolled back just from suffering from exactly the idea of his shaft, experiencing her smaller cave dispersing more expansive and wider as Su Yang’s sword pierced further into her entire body.
A couple of a few moments down the road, Sun Jingjing began moaning even louder— considerably louder than she has ever previously.
Sun Jingjing wanted to lift up her brain to view her stomach area, and certain sufficient, the b.u.mega pixel on her stomach area was bigger than normal!
When the sacred rainwater was through, Su Yang endured up and rubbed his wide shaft against Direct sun light Jingjing’s slit, layer his sword together Yin Qi.
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More times later on, popular Yang Qi photo out of your shaft and straight into her lips.
Slurping sounds quickly crammed the surrounding as Su Yang savored Sun Jingjing’s moist haven.
“Although you may claim that, I believe you are a major reason why we change.” Sun Jingjing claimed.
“I’ve more than doubled my instruction, of course.”
A number of seconds in the future, Direct sun light Jingjing commenced moaning even louder— a lot even louder than she has at any time.
The Very Secret Agent
Sunlight Jingjing nodded her mind and laid over the mattress along with her slender thighs propagate large start, unveiling every inch of her cave to him.
Sun Jingjing chose to lift her mind to check out her abdominal, and sure enough, the b.u.mega-pixel in her stomach was larger than normal!
“Lie down. I’ll please you now.” Su Yang suddenly withstood up and said to her.
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Direct sun light Jingjing immediately began swallowing the overflowing Yang Qi, experiencing a hot feeling moving downward her tonsils and into her stomach.
“You’re tighter than normal,” he said to her by using a laugh, experience her intrinsic wall space tightly compressing his shaft.
Sun Jingjing wanted to lift her mind to see her abdominal, and absolutely sure adequate, the pixel in her abdomen was much bigger than normal!
When the sacred rain was over, Su Yang endured up and rubbed his heavy shaft against Sunshine Jingjing’s slit, covering his sword together Yin Qi.
“Haa… haaa… haaaa…” Sunshine Jingjing panted heavily afterward.
“And speaking of change… let’s alter into some thing comfortable…” she then commenced loosening his robes as well as her.
Direct sun light Jingjing thought to him right before her spot gushed with sparkling liquefied.
“I’ve doubled my coaching, in the end.”
Chapter 601 Switching It a Degree
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Sun Jingjing immediately started off consuming the overflowing Yang Qi, experiencing a sizzling hot feeling flowing straight down her tonsils and into her belly.
Su Yang proved her a grin and spoke while caressing her encounter, “It does not matter your disparities, I adore you the same. You don’t ought to compete with her because I gives you the maximum amount of recognition while i gives to all others.”
“What is your opinion? Would you want it?” Su Yang expected her by using a smile on his encounter.

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