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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 897 – Mu Yuechan bow concentrate
“Permit her to go.” Yet another speech all of a sudden resounded, leading to most people there to show their brain.
“Then I won’t be humble.” Mu Yuechan explained as she handled the teleport creation, vanishing from the platform.
“No, I don’t. Are you able to makes an exception to this rule? I actually have enterprise while using Lonely Fairies’ Sophisticated Palace and also their Sect Learn Luo Ziyi,” she said.
“Put together the teleport to the Sacred Areas. I had some online business there,” she said to them.
Each of them nodded in binding agreement.
“I Then won’t be simple.” Mu Yuechan claimed as she handled the teleport structure, disappearing from the program.
In the event the guards noticed their identify come from Mu Yuechan’s oral cavity despite reaching her the first time, their view increased with surprise, and also their body trembled in fear.
“Permit her to get into the Sacred Lands.” Standard Kai regular, and the man continued, “I am going to have all responsibility if something comes about.”
“Mu Yuechan.”
Mu Yuechan stayed relax and said, “Let me talk with your supervisor.”
As soon as the guards noticed their identify are derived from Mu Yuechan’s mouth despite assembly her the first time, their eyes increased with shock, in addition to their physiques trembled in panic.
Dual Cultivation
“I remember that time she totally exposed the Submerged Divine Palace’s million-season corruption and evil deeds to the Four Divine Heavens, triggering their demise without going a particular finger! She could literally mess up a person’s complete lifestyle when they have committed also a single criminal activity!”
At the same time, after entering the teleport creation, Mu Yuechan showed up in the area directly outside the Sacred Lands, where all the more guards had been shared.
“General… Why?” The guards asked him after.
“Are you currently ridiculous? Even though she’s a peerless natural beauty, would you dare to start to be her mankind? She’ll burrow up all of your current strategies before you can even blink!”
She given them her medallion.
The guards there swallowed nervously, soundlessly engraving their general’s ideas inside their hearts and minds.
Mu Yuechan continued to be nonchalant and claimed, “I don’t attention. Just rush up and make the teleport structure. I actually have some small business to keep up on the Sacred Lands.”
“R-At once!”
“Mu Yuechan… She’s definitely as terrifying because the rumours say…”
“At once!”
“Then I won’t be modest.” Mu Yuechan stated as she handled the teleport growth, vanishing from the system.
“The Depressed Fairies’ Sophisticated Palace? I’m sorry, but even if you’re Mu Yuechan, I cannot assist you to enter in without consent through the Empress of the Sacred Lands, in particular when you’re here for the Lonely Fairies’ Sophisticated Palace.”
“Just how much?” Mu Yuechan inquired the guards afterward.
“I’m sorry, Fairy Immortal Mu, but even when you consult with the General…”
The Gates of Chance
“Greetings, Immortal Fairy Mu.” The guards there quickly bowed to her the moment they approved her ident.i.ty.
“Anyways, go on protecting the Sacred Areas. I had a conference down the road.” Normal Kai left behind the scene shortly after.
Mu Yuechan nodded before pushing out a desk chair and taking a seat on the spot.
Cattle and Cattle-breeders
She handed them her medallion.
“Greetings, Immortal Fairy Mu.” The guards there quickly bowed to her after they verified her ident.i.ty.

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